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The Mountains Look Different

“Andrea Varga's costumes and Christian DeAngelis's lighting beautifully complement Davis's excellent work.”

 --Michael Portantiere – Talkin Broadway

“How the fire started and by whose hand propels The Mountains Look Different into even more explosive theatrics. (Thank lighting designer Christian DeAngelis for the reddening environment.)”

 --David Finkle – New York Stage Review

“Pretty as it is — and Vicki R. Davis's storybook set and Christian DeAngelis's blazing lights are so pretty

 --David Gordon – Theatre Mania

“Lighting Designer Christian DeAngelis adds to that breathlessness, shading the distant mountains in hues of misty green to blue to pink, with a whisper of moon above.”

 --Sarah Downs – New York Theatre Guide

“The production’s creative team — Christian DeAngelis (lights), M. Florian Staab (sound), Heather Martin Bixler (music director), and Andrea Varga (costumes) — conjures vividly the atmosphere of the festival”

 --Charles Wright – Curtain up

The Price of Thomas Scott

“Key episodes, most notably of the ensemble dances, are punctuated with dramatic lighting by Christian DeAngelis…”

 --Deb Miller – DC Metro Theatre Arts

“Christian DeAngelis' lighting, except for a couple of odd splashes of saturated colors, is pleasingly restrained.”

--David Barbour – Lighting and Sound America

“As they gingerly waltz away, designer Christian DeAngelis recolors the lighting into dreamy lavenders…”

--Michael Sommers – New York Stage Review

Days to Come

“As per the Mint’s standard practice, much attention has been given to the period costumes (by Andrea Varga), lighting (by Christian DeAngelis), sound score (by Jane Shaw), and setting (by Harry Feiner), a well-appointed living room, backed by a glass wall leading to a garden.”

 --Samuel Leiter -

“It seems to offer warmth and protection from the rain outside (Jane Shaw's delicately calibrated sound design, working in tandem with the tastefully muted sconces in Christian DeAngelis's lighting, tells that story).”

 --Zachary Stewart -

“Christian DeAngelis' lighting is solid.”

 --David Barbour - Lighting & Sound America


“It's rendered even richer by Christian DeAngelis' expressive lights.”

 --Jeremy Williams - Richmond Magazine

“Further accolades go to stage manager Cailin Lindsay and her assistant Leighanne Perry for their quick handling of Christian DeAngelis' moody lights.”

 --Brent Deekens -

Hindle Wakes

“Under the watchful eye of director Gus Kaikkonen, and the atmospheric sets, costumes, and lighting designs by Christian DeAngelis, the smooth ensemble playing is perfection.”

 --Richard Seff - DC Metro

“...each scene given a mellow gaslight glow by Christian DeAngelis' lighting.”

 --David Barbour - Lighting & Sound America

“Thanks to sound and lighting designers Jane Shaw and Christian DeAngelis the tension in the Winthrop kitchen is aptly supported by the stormy weather raging outside.”

 --Elyse Sommer - Curtain Up

The Lucky Ones

“Christian DeAngelis’s Lighting is exemplary.”

 --David Gordon -

“Christian DeAngelis’s harmonious lighting is delicious.”

 --Sarah Downs -

The New Morality

“Christian DeAngelis‘ lighting nicely charts the sun’s positions during an afternoon on the river.”

 --Michael Portantiere -

The Fatal Weakness

“Christian DeAngelis‘ lighting clues us in to the time of day with the sunlight washes, crepuscular sunsets, and glowing moonlight visible through the apartment windows.”   

 --David Barbour -

“Christian DeAngelis’ heavy-handed lighting dims from parlor-room yellow to romantic pink to signify the arrival of long, flowery monologues at the end of each act.”

 --David Gordon -


“ Tim Hatley's colorful and clever original Broadway scenic and costume designs look none the worse for wear on the 5th Avenue stage, abetted by top-flight lighting design by Tom Sturge and Christian DeAngelis and sound design by Kai Harada. “

 --David Edward Hughes -

Love Goes To Press

“The Production team-set designer Steven C. Kemp, costume designer Andrea Varga, lighting designer Christian DeAngelis-provides authentic period detail and wartime atmosphere.”

 --Eric Haagensen -

“Lights by Christian DeAngelis and sound by Jane Shaw go miles in recreating the sights and sounds of a countryside under siege.”

 --Lynn Marie Macy -

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

“And it's all so much fun to look at: Tony Ferrieri's impressionistic set, Susan Tsu's gloriously Goth steampunk costumes, Joe Pino's evocative sound design and Christian DeAngelis' playful lighting.” 

 --Pittsburgh City Paper

Lizzie Borden

“Especially effective in creating an eerie setting are the video design by Zoe Woodworth and lighting design by Christian M. DeAngelis.”

 ---Pataphysical Science

“Artfully lit and shadowed by lighting designer Christian DeAngelis.”

 ---Jon Sobel, Blogcritics Culture

“This gauzy curtain is pulled aside at times,opening up the upstage area for scenes set on the Bordens’ rooftop,which are beautifully stagedwith creative, unexpected lighting effects.”

 ---Caitlin Graham, Feminist Review

“The multitalented designers manage to evoke a vivid, attractive, and affectingly creepy time and place...”

 ---Wendy Caster, Show Showdown